Merging a background in brand and behavioral marketing, with a fascination in career psychology, Martin helps driven job seekers find work they love.

"Martin was very informative and offered great advice. He offered me a new way to think about things that seemed less daunting than what I had imagined. He was able to naturally infuse the conversation with his own personal experience, which was very useful to hear. He is very easy to talk to and asked me great questions–ones that got me thinking about how my unique experience and talents could lead me to where I want to go (and in my case, put me on the path to figuring out where it is I want to go). My only wish is that this service offered more time with Martin!"

― Sophie




Working with Martin was a great experience for me! I recommend him to anyone who is having trouble with their resume, creating detailed stories to share with interviewers, and anyone who is having a hard time finding what they are passionate about . He will dig deep and figure out your background, skills and experience and help you use everything to your advantage when you are job hunting. He has an eye for detail, he is very supportive, and you can tell he is passionate about what he does!

Martin was a fantastic resource during our conversation. First he helped me gain a new perspective on my career, and framed the process in a new way that made sense for me. As someone who has heard the same process advice over and over, this felt like a ground breaking step. Martin also asked thoughtful questions, and gave direct, actionable advice for next steps. He took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable about moving forward. He also followed up with great notes. I’ll be recommending Martin to friends of mine in similar positions.



T. Small


My conversation with Martin went above and beyond my expectations. I had an interview the day after my call, he offered to help me focus on the preparation and I went into it with more confidence in my qualifications than ever before. Martin is very professional, and clearly cares about his clients and their success. I felt so comfortable talking with him as he showed a real interest in my particular goals. I was impressed with his organization and the way he prepared the structure of our conversation. Martin's advice was invaluable and it has forever changed the way I look at my career!

Martin was easy to work with and extremely effective. My resume was bloated with unnecessary info. and not target specific. Martin helped me get it all sorted out and my LinkedIn too. I am a perfectionist and now I have the confidence that I can effectively market myself and find a new career. Thank you Martin!





Martin was extremely approachable and listened attentively to my concerns and aspirations. Taking into account my passions and motivations, he quickly identified a sector I should be focusing on during my job search and set out a clear, simple strategy to follow in order to reach my goal. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who needs a helping hand when considering a career change and / or a plan to follow when they feel "stuck" in their career.

Martin was extremely well-spoken and was easy to connect with. He really listened to what I was saying, offered very clear, honest feedback, and made me feel very comfortable. Our discussions were meaningful and really allowed me to think critically about myself, my key skills and the next steps for my career, putting a new perspective on the overall process that I hadn't seen before. I highly recommend utilizing a career coach to act as a sounding board and mentor as you begin to the next steps in advancing your career.