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In a previous post, I mentioned The Slam Daddies, a Chicago Ska Band that I have coordinated with on art projects since high school. Well, in November of 2011, I realized something about the band that needed to change... they needed to update their brand. A bit of history, The Slam Daddies began as "Wesley Highjump & the Slam Daddies".  Wesley Highjump was a friend from middles school and the name "Slam Daddies" was a generic ska-name forged from the idea of "why not...?"

While the names are very ska, they are also very high school. So I posed to the band a number of options for ways to keep with their off-the-wall-ska-feel while also maturing their name. We went through numerous iterations:

The Slam Daddies Re-naming Brainstorm

poolside cigars-01 greenhorn 2-01 windy city social font music for elevators-01

The Poolside Cigars  |  Greenhorn  |  Windy City Social  |  Music for Elevators

Exploring these options, we set out to keep with the same professional-ska feel while also incorporating something a little more personal - the commutes of the band-members.  Ska bands get big, and with a 7-man band, scheduling and commuting is the most important piece of making things work.

Taking this idea, I developed the concept of "One Line Short" - a reference to the Chicago "L", the band-members, and the song-writing process. One Line Short represented everything that this band was and is. They are 7 members, one less than the 8 lines of the CTA - and when creating art, so often artists are just one line short of completing their masterpiece.

One Line Short stuck - each member was assigned a color coordinating with the CTA and the band continues to play all across Chicago.

Logo & Running Man: 1LS

OLS tumblr header

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Album Concept

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iPhone Background

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Business Card

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Train Patches

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Concept Art

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Shirt Design

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