“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”  ― Dr. Suess

My eyes lifted open and my brain hesitated for a confused second. Where was the noise? Where were the obnoxious screams from Mr. Angry-Alarm? Had I overslept? Was I awake? Is this a dream?

Once the Fight-Club-Tyler-Durden-feeling finally lifted, I realized that I didn’t have to panic. I didn’t have to worry. I hadn’t overslept, but actually woken up before my alarm. Let me say that again. I Woke Up Before My Alarm!!!

This was unprecedented. This was unexpected. This was awesome! 

Normally, I have 3-4 phone alarms set at 15 minute intervals, followed by Mr. Angry-Alarm...the old-school screaming red-numbered alarm clock we are all too familiar with.

But, this day was different. I woke up before my alarms! Think of all the things I could get done this morning. I could stretch. I could make breakfast. I could go for a run. I could FLOSS! My dentist would be so proud.

Or...I could fall back asleep for 20 minutes and be re-awoken by my three 15-minute intervals and Mr. Angry-Alarm. My eyes lifted open and my brain hesitated for a confused second.

Hey LP’s,

On Monday night, a gathering of The Launchpad came together at MARC USA and dove deep into the topic of our daily routines and how we plan, manage, or lose track of our time. Those who were there, you know who you are, and you know you’re awesome! Those who weren’t, get your butts to the next one! ...and here is that little re-cap for your reading pleasure.

We opened the meeting on the topic of Social Media. Where we see it going, what we think the benefits are, and how it is becoming a truly strategic role that requires more than just an “I like to tweet” mentality to do well. 

This posed a harsh-contrast to my recently failed experiment to quit all social networking for 1-month. A client challenged me! I had to try! But, when part of your job requirement is to help run the Social Media Week booth for your company, staying off Facebook isn’t really an option :)

Either way, I’m happy to be back and posting images to the wrong instagram account...woops!

Oddly enough, this opened up some conversations around the show Nathan For You and his out-of-the-box approach to making a comedy TV show. He says his show is the way he interacts with the world, and Comedy Central is just recording what happens. Most of his “jokes” are social experiments in which he tries to find loopholes in traditional marketing, law and business practices. 

Check out Dumb Starbucks for some funny-funny-dum-dum-smart-smart. (woah, what was that?)

The conversation looped back around to Social Media and I guess you should check out something called Tweriod ...I dunno, my twitter game is severely lacking. (hit me up on instagram @martinmcgo or @effinphotos)

Something, something, something...we talked about a lot of stuff, (seriously, you should have been there), and stumbled upon the idea of learning 3 New Things Every Day. I like to use podcasts, this site will give you a ton of useless info, but we were talking about going deeper into three things that you feel will enhance your life or your work each day. 

But, with all our busy schedules, how could we possibly be expected to learn something new every day, let alone THREE THINGS?!? 

I dunno, maybe schedule your life better? ...which brings us to MORNING ROUTINES! WOO!!!

We went really deep into each person’s morning routines, particularities, breakfast choices, and mindless habits, (ever get from your bed to your door and not remember all the things that happened in-between?). But, there was one thing that was pretty consistent to get the morning started and your life in order: MAKE YOUR BED!

Recently, I mentioned to someone that the start of my breakfast routine is really making my bed. There is usually a shower, getting dressed, checking email, and other things that happen between making my bed and making my breakfast, but because all of these habits are now chunked together, once I start the first one the rest naturally follow.

If that was interesting to you, or didn’t make sense at all, these guys explain it much better on the Art of Manliness podcast, talking with the creator of PAVLOK, who literally will SHOCK you into forming new habits!

Fantastic! We are all now experts on morning routines, habit formation and our lives, right?! I know, I’m infallible and never fall back asleep before my alarms go off...but, even if “I do me” perfectly, it doesn’t change the fact that the people around me have a strong influence on my habits, behaviors, and routines.

This was when we realized that everyone in the room lived by themselves, without roommates...woah, hello Type-A-Anonymous, my name is Martin, and I am a loner. 

But, we figure the reason is that in your 20’s you start setting the habits and routines that you will carry on throughout the rest of your life, and if you set the wrong ones today, you will pay for it down the road. There is a great example in the podcast above, where Maneet says something along the lines of: 

If you take two people and put them side-by-side, and each day one comes home and watches TV each night and the other writes 2 pages of a novel each night, at the end of a year you will have two very different outcomes. The first person will have seen every episode of Friends. The second will have written a 700+ page novel. Both of these activities take the same amount of willpower, but the payoffs for each are significantly different.

As we wrapped up the conversation, we also talked about the concept behind the company Krash and some ideas that they are trying to bring to Chicago that may pop-up in future discussions around lifestyle design and crafting the life you want.

Final Thought: 

You are what you create, be it your work, friendships, or life. So, don’t sit around waiting. Start making something interesting.


Meetings will be switching to Tuesday nights! So, keep an eye out for the reminders. October 21st will be the next one at MARC USA, 325 N. LaSalle St. Chicago, IL


Our newest member, Sabrina Medora, is a lover of brunch and Farmer’s Markets and invites everyone to join her this Saturday, October 11th for our inaugural IDEA BRUNCH. She explains below 

"Hi LPers! I'm fairly new to the group (and by new I mean I attended my first ever meeting tonight). During a particularly rousing session chatting about positive weekend habits, Sue and I decided to set up a 'field trip' to the Clark and Division Farmer's Market on Saturday morning @ 10am, followed by brunch at Hash House. If anyone else is interested in joining us, feel free to email me or text me at 312-888-1306, or leave a message on the Launchpad Facebook. Looking forward to meeting some fellow Launchpad folks and perhaps making this a monthly tradition!" 

And on that note, bravo to another great night at The Launchpad, and I’ll see you LP’s later!

Martin McGovern