Millennials for Sale!

Happy Monday! (or, Tuesday depending on when you get this)

Tonight, the Launchpad cured five cases of the Mondays, meeting up at the Idea Loft to discussing new ideas, stories and reflect on life.

Big thanks to those who came out: (Elina, Rumaisa, Omar, and Susie)

Here is an overview for those who missed it: (Why did you miss it?)

Can I buy a Millennial?

Wherefore art thou Muppie?

  • Millennial + Yuppie = Muppie

  • Are we muppies?

    • Yes. No. Well, probably...I dunno. Is that a bad thing?

  • Have things really changed all that much, or do the loudest and most ridiculous of us just have higher mountains to scream from?

    • Entitlement is far from a new thing

    • Also, that guy writing about the “self-absorbed-millennial” sounds like a pretty self-absorbed Gen-Y’er himself.

Can’t we all just get along?

  • This is where we thought the article really shined.

  • Taking a practical, non-accusatory or “ not bitchy” perspective on our generational differences.

  • Trying to resolve, rather than retort.

Now that I’m a Muppie, why am I not happy?

  • Expectations vs. Reality

    • Is this a problem of our generation, or just the noisy-lazy-majority?

    • Ride the waves of happiness. You don’t ALWAYS have to be happy

    • Step away from social media every once in awhile. (Not every day in the #100happydays challenge has to be wonderful)

  • Your happiness revolves around your actions

    • What are you willing to give up to achieve your goals?

    • What routines are you currently building?

    • What little things are you doing to bring realistic, not idealistic, happiness into your life?

    • Snapshot of our collective morning routines….

      • Making Breakfast! Texting Cheezy Motivational Things To Your Friends at 8am! Meditate! Take A Moment! Working Out!

Remove & Counter Negativity

  • Last year, some of us looked back and realized we would just sit around and complain with friends about work/life/etc.

    • This year we discussing ways to make changes and own our lives.

  • It may be different, but different is what we marketers are all about!

    • Change your routine & Change your outlook


This email can’t begin to cover all the ground from the discussion, so I will leave you with my take on the night and bid you adieu...


Asking “How do we target millennials?” is like asking “How do I get ‘that girl’ to like me?”  If she is not into marketing nerds with parted hair and hipster tendencies, I have two options:

  1. Change everything about who I am to fit "her market” (ie Domino's)

  2. Understand who out there wants what I am already “selling”, and be the best I can be in that market (ie Quirky)

My challenge for you is to focus on your relationships between now and the next Launchpad Night on Monday 5/5.  Download the Refresh app to see quick snapshots of friends and acquaintances. Then visualize who in your network would be good to reach out to, re-connect with, remove, or introduce to others in your network.


Don’t be the “millennial” you see on TV. Own the relationships you have. Rethink the ones that are toxic. Find the ones you want to grow with.

And if you're having trouble understanding yourself during this process and want to take a deeper look into your personal AWESOME, we will be teaching another installment of "Discover Your Inner Awesome" this Thursday (4/24).