Can't Stop the Selfies!

3/24/14: U/C: Launchpad

Thanks to those who came out to the Launchpad tonight! (Omar, Martin, Eman, Travis, Victoria, and Rumaisa).

We had a fantastic discussion, downloaded some new apps and even set the stage for future behavior change challenges. Here is an overview for those who missed it.


  • Can’t stop the SELFIES!


Online vs. Offline Education

  • We started off the night talking about the coursera class that a handful of us are taking over the next couple months. It is called “A Beginners Guide to Irrational Behavior”
    • We then jumped into the differences between online and offline learning and the pros/cons of each.

    • Main concept:

      • To maximize any learning, either offline or online, a support group (and now that I think about it, a study group) is essential. Just watch the show Community and tell me they haven’t learned a lot about themselves over the course of that show!

Love & Advertising

We watched the following two commercials and talked about brands, love and deception. Are we being lied to, or are they sincere? You decide.



  • Is technology enhancing or taking away from our experiences?
  • Martin captured the group for day 51 of his #100happydays challenge

Challenging Yourself