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Were you expecting a Launchpad email on Monday?

Did you even notice that it never arrived?

  • That Girl
    • A few years back, there was a girl I was interested in, who I found wasn't so interested in returning that interest. However, thanks to the thousands of ways in which we can connect with each other in short spurts, half-communications, and broken conversations, my ability to realize this fact took far longer than I think either her or I would have liked...
    • Why did this happen? 
      • Because of how we communicate, via text, too often tone, purpose, focus and even honesty are all masked behind our interpretation of the words on the screens. How often have you had to pull a friend over and ask, "What the hell did she mean by that?!"
    • Sure, she could have been more explicit and said, "please stop texting me". And I should have been more specific in saying, "would youlike to go on a date with me?", instead of, "wanna hang-out this weekend?" 
      • But, be honest with yourself right now - When is the last time you've been that honest or specific via text? Or, better yet, when is the last time you've been purposefully vague?
    • Think of all the different ways you'd have to actively ignore someone in order for them to go away...off the top of my head, I can come up with:
      • Email
      • Text
      • gChat
      • Hangouts
      • Skype
      • Facebook Posts
      • Facebook Messenger
      • Twitter
      • Twitter Direct Message
      • Snapchat
      • Instagram
      • WhatsApp
      • Facetime
      • what else am I missing?
  • Combating Clutter
    • Two years ago, I only had one messaging app on my iPhone home screen. Now, I have an entire folder labeled 'ChApps', or the "The Chat-Apps that I use to keep in touch with all the chaps in my life." (see below)
      • Note - somehow, this always gets changed to "Assless ChApps" whenever my friend "borrows" my phone, though he won't admit it.
      • Also, stop judging me for my floral Dr. Who TARDIS background. Yes, you...I see you judging!
    • This folder doesn't even include my work email, personal email, Idea Lemon email, dating apps, snapchat, skype, tumblr, instagram, etc. 
    • It can get a bit overwhelming...
  • Why Are You Telling Me This?
    • During Monday's Launchpad (Beach Edition), our topic was "Failure to Communicate"
    • We discussed all the different ways that communication has changed over the years and the effect that it has had in our personal lives. 
    • Even the gap between me and my little brother, a difference of only 4 years, has had extreme shifts in communication style. I don't think I've ever had a phone conversation with him in my life, other than when I call the house and he tells me mom isn't home.

So, as usual, here is a quick summary of the thoughts that popped up, for those of you who missed it. Sadly, this email communication will not come anywhere close to the 'real thing', but hey, at least I remembered to include you ;)

    • A 20 minute phone conversation has turned into a 3-day text-a-thon. We perceive relationships we are in as having been "developing" for far longer period of time than they actually were. 
      • Sure, you've been texting for 3 months, but if I totaled up all of the messages, you've likely only had a handful of actual conversations .
    • People are hiding behind their screens
      • 1. In public, sitting on trains, in cafes, walking, with buds in our ears not interacting with the world.
      • 2. In conversation, spending time "crafting" the best message, rather than having real conversations that are thought out and developing in real time. 
    • When texting, you don't have the interaction in front of you, or the one on the phone - this is a dulling down of your interactions, increasing distractions and leading to you never actually paying attention to anyone.
      • The last time I had a phone call with someone, I caught myself checking facebook, weather, email, etc. and even lost track of where I was in the conversation, because a buzzfeed article about cats looking celebrities or something was far more important than the person who took time out of their day to dial my number and sit down to chat. 
      • Multiply this by 2, because chances are they are doing the same on their end, and you've got one detatched conversation going...basically like anytime you meet a friend in a bar who won't put down their phone. 
      • Try this next time you are out with friends - WATCH THEM SQUIRM!
    • When it impacts your performance, what do you do?
      • During a performance review, I was once called out for being too slow to respond to emails and messages. I was told that all responses needed to be send within the same day, or no later than 24 hours after the initial message.
      • In that same review however, I was praised for always being attentive and engaged in meetings, quote "not spending time staring at his phone". Maybe some people can do both, but I've not quite gotten that down.
    • One message on gChat, another on Facebook, another via email. Where did we leave off? What were we talking about?
    • People are trying to have conversations via Snapchat? ...I haven't figured this one out yet. I like selfies, but there is a limit to the number of times you want to see this mug. And how can you have a conversations via images and quick quotes? snapchat this!
    • My brother also likes to do something called "GIF Fights" or "GIF Convos", where the entire conversation is done via memes. Here is a guide if you need it...it's kind of like "movie emoticons" ...https://imgur.com/a/HHbML
    • Everyone has a preferred method of communication. God forbid you try to talk to someone via the wrong medium of communication - you'll never know if they got it!
    • Personally, I'm never on twitter...shocking! So, if you DM me, I likely won't read it...sorry, not sorry. 
      • ps - I hate that phrase, but someone used it earlier today, so why not...


    • Some people use emoticons to lighten their sarcasm, or detract from what they are actually trying to say, for instance, "haha, I hate you ;)"
      • WTF does that mean???
      • Texting is hard enough to understand and interpret as it is. Using little smileys to contradict yourself only leads to people getting confused, mad, and de-friending you!
    • Instead, use emojis to to enhance your point or tell their own story. 
      • For Instance: If you are in a meeting that is terrible...
    • Curate your communication. Set your standards. Pick the people you want to talk to. (Not everyone is worth your time). Become comfortable not responding! ...except to these emails...always respond to these emails.
    • If you want to have a phone call, have a phone call. If you don't want to have conversations via snapchat, don't. Stop being a yes-person who kowtows to everyone else. Stand up for yourself and your communication style. Be the one who sets the terms. 
      • In other-words, don't tweet me ;)
    • Understand that communication is situational. You put on highbrow communication styles like you put on a suit for an interview. You dress down via text, like shorts at the beach. Be ok with that. 
    • Finally - my favorite video on language. with Stephen Fry


  • Were you expecting to receive an email this past Monday? 
    • Did you notice it went unsent? 
    • Did you care?
  • What was the tone came across from this email? 
    • Was it different than normal, or the same? 
    • How did you feel after reading?


That's it! ...Well, not really - there were a bunch of other things we talked about, including:

  • What is a time that you had a bad miscommunication experience and what happened?
  • Are we losing the art of storytelling?
  • Do you think our language is becoming too basic, or evolving into a new and higher form, with different tiers for different emotions. And different mediums for different purposes?
  • What is the good that has come out of our technological shift to text?
  • Why are people running away from facebook?
  • Does anyone want to get hot chocolate? OH NO IT'S RAINING!?!?!



  • Launchpad Locations Have Gone Mobile!
    • This week, we met at Oak Street Beach
    • On Monday 6/30, we will be meeting in Millennium Park by The Bean
  • Thanks for everyone who came out this week, including: 
    • Omar, Elina, Grace, Victoria, Nishat, and Saba
      • Saba even joined us via Facetime!!! We had some conference-call-style-interruption snafus, but overall it was a great addition to the group dynamic and she was able to participate in the conversation. (see how technology can help! Even if it does eat up my phone battery and make my arm tired, haha)


  • Victoria invites you to join her on:
  • Martin invites you to see if you can get tickets to this weekend's "Startup Weekend" event that goes from Friday night through Sunday.
  • Also, I'd like to throw the idea of getting a group together to go to the Space Time Tanks - if we have a group of 5, we get a good discount!

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...oh, did I mention we met at the beach this week? (forgot to attach for those who were there).






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