Why Am I Me?

Hey LPs,


Which side of my face do you think is "more me"?

My artistic side? The one drawn in colored pencil with a dash of white paint... (now, that's how you get teeth to pop!)

Or, my realistic side? With every detail captured in picture-perfect precision. (The sun hadn't burnt me yet!)

Which one does it best?

(Email me and let me know, I am actually extremely interested to hear your answer.)

On the one hand, they are both me. However, they also represent something much larger than their subject. 

They represent the extensive and impressively creative minds of Rizza Dulay (on colored pencil) and Courtney Slade (on aperture). 

Sure, it may be my face, but it is their message. 

And this is where a personal brand gets dicey...

You can't control how others will view you, you can only control what you put out in the world. 

So, how do you know what you should be putting out there?! 

Watch this Video to find out!

Thankfully, these amazing artists know me well, and each interpreted a view of my personality that I absolutely love. 

Hope you enjoy the video in the link. 

When you're finished, shoot me an email with whatever comes to mind when you think of the question: "Why am I me?"

Can't wait to hear what you think. See you next week!

Instagram: 'Duel'
Photo by: @sladesstory
Art by: @rizzadulay