So Very Wrong ...but now I know.

“To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.” ― Joseph Chilton Pearce

I guessed wrong... 

So wrong.

Sometimes, when you are as obsessive as me, you can start to get on people’s nerves with all the “personal growth” stuff you are trying to research. Sometimes, these conversations do not go quite as you planned...

...please be kind, I did not edit for spelling.

After receiving this response, I of course couldn’t help but to try to figure out their personality type on my own. Searching through the profiles, seeing what I thought sounded closest. It took some digging but I was sure that I had gotten it. I knew their MBTI.

So, I began acting on the recommendations in their profile. However, for some reason we were still hitting walls. Well, that is until one day recently, I received a text from this same friend saying they had re-taken the test and loved reading all about their personality type. It was so eye-opening that they even went as far as to buy the premium profile.

I was happy for them - SO happy. But...I was also wrong. Dead wrong about what I thought their personality type was, leaving my approach to communicating with them quite lacking.

But, armed with premium profiles, we are now able to re-approach our conversation methods and better work with and understand one another’s differences, putting our friendship on a much firmer foot.

Why Do I Tell You This?

Well LPs, the last 2 Launchpad nights have focused around personality types and I believe that understanding yourself is the first, essential step to actually being successful in life.

So, if you have not yet done so, I encourage you to go to and take the free 16 minute test to see what your type is.

Reply in the comments with...

  1. Your personality type.

  2. The most exciting, scary, or otherwise crazy thing you learned about yourself.


Martin McGovern