Smiling is Weird

Happy Friday LP's,

This morning was warm. Should have made you smile right? But, chances are you were too wrapped up in getting to work without slipping in the slush to really appreciate it.

Personally, I was sporting the signature Patrick Stewart scowl you see hanging so gracefully in the picture above.

Now, why was I "pouting" (as my family would say) this morning? Why was a picture of Patrick Stewart, the guy from Star Trek and X-MEN, hanging in a golden frame in our hotel room in Belize? These are not answers I am privy to.

But, what I do know is that about half-way through my walk I remembered a TED talk about our actions impacting our emotions. For instance, if you force yourself to smile, you will be happier than if you didn't smile at all, even though nothing has changed but the muscles you've moved in your face.

So, reluctantly, I forced a smile. I felt stupid. I went back to my scowl. I did it again. Then somewhere in there I forgot what I was doing and got distracted people watching...when suddenly one of those faces ended up being one I recognized!

By this point my scowl had faded, and though it wasn't replaced with an insane-clown-faced-smile (thank god), my mood was warmer, more welcoming and a slight smile of recognition cracked through more comfortably than it would have otherwise.

So, if you had a frown, pout, or scowl on your mug prior to opening this email, I challenge you now to smile. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds?! 

See how long you can go and let me know how you feel after by replying to this email.

You may feel silly, happy, strange, think I'm crazy, or burst out laughing. Whatever it is, I can't wait to read it with a smile ;) :P :) 


(Click Patrick Stewart to watch a TEDtalk on The Hidden Power of Smiling, and have a Happy Friday)