Would You Sleep on a Bed of Cash?


At fifteen years old, I remember sitting in the center of my bed counting stacks of cash, when my Mom walked in and asked me what I was doing.

Slyly positioning myself between my treasure and her diabolical plot to steal (save) for my future, I eloquently explained that I was in the middle of a life lesson on making the abstract tangible. 

"Well Mother, I am in the process of turning the elusive concept of wealth into a physical reality that carries weight, gain, and loss. With which, I will be able to better manage, understand and feel the gravity of my financial decisions."

Or, to put it as a teenager...

"Look at all this money! Why would anyone want a credit card?! This is awesome! I am never going to get a credit card, ever. Period. This is awesome."

(I know, I say awesome a lot)

Yes, my days of caddying, snow shoveling, grass mowing, babysitting, and helping exhausted shoppers buy way more than they expected to at Target, had paid off. And boy, did I think I had it down. Holding cash was so obviously better than carrying a little piece of plastic.

That is until I turned 21 and got a job at, you guessed it, a credit card company. Albeit, a customer-centric and optimistic credit card company. But, when it came down to it, that teenage voice still lingered somewhere in my subconscious. And at the end of the day, this just wasn't the industry for me.

Looking back, it is hard to deny the impact of that self-taught, teenage economics lesson. Playing into my discomfort and eventual departure from my first job out of college.

With this concept, I got to thinking: 

"What are the other life-changing lessons we learn all on our lonesome?"

And, more importantly, how can we focus our self-directed education in a way that improves our lives without incurring debilitating debt?

That, my fellow LPs, was the topic of last night's discussion. 

Across the country, there has been a massive rise in self-education. From sites like Khan Academy, to Coursera, learning no longer has limits. 

It is also a road that continues to expand. With NextDoor in Chicago, and The Society of Grownups in Boston, IDEO seems to be leading the charge in not only engaging city communities, but also wrapping these concepts into existing businesses like State Farm and Mass Mutual.

I read earlier today that the INTJ personality type's favorite pastime is, "taking courses" - so I'll admit, I may be a bit biased on my love for this ongoing rise toward self-directed education. But, since you're on this email list, you should be excited too, because that is what The Launchpad is all about!

Flash back to bed, I pull a Scrooge McDuck, and dive into the cash-laden sheets before hiding my booty in a safe amongst the dust-bunnies. Far from the grubby hands of my four brothers.

And though it may have taken years for the lesson to be realized, the foundational curiosity, experimentation, and need for interaction was deeply engrained at an early age.

Keep learning my friends! :)

To get you started:


  • Is there a course on Coursera that you would like to take as a group?
  • Or, one you'd recommend, if you've already taken it?

Thank you so much for reading. See you soon!