When Coffee Meets Banana

It all started with a poop joke. 

Since college, I had attempted to keep my social networks and “online persona” professional. No f-bombs, or gushy love posts, no politics, or even opinions, really. Just a bit of “how’s it going? and “hey, I like these things!” posted here and there. 

But, this morning something hit me. An urge from deep within that had to be let out. Had to be released.

I was sitting in the basement, finishing off my banana and sipping on my dark roast, when my stomach gurgled aloud a joke that made me laugh so hard it sent me running to the bathroom. 

Coffee + Banana = Poop Emoji

When I returned from my throne, I sat down to sketch it out - laughing again at the absurdity of it, and garnishing it with a little personal development question - “What’s your morning routine?”

I was genuinely curious, and I knew that if I just posted the question online, I probably wouldn’t get much interaction, so this joke, though corny, was just the thing to spice it up. 

Then I took the picture, edited it on Instagram, and hesitated before sending it live. This was the moment. I was crossing that professional barrier into the world of fart jokes. I’d hear about it from my parents, and people around me. I’d get comments like, “Really?! You’re making me think of you pooping this early in the morning?” (enjoy that image btw)

But, I knew that it scared me, and if it was something that scared me, I had to do it!

So, I hit send and opened the doors to new areas of creativity and expression in my art, comedy, and life. No longer will I have to maintain a false sense of online professionalism. I am free to now have fun. 

I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, he flushed his professional persona down the toilet!” But, I know you know better. You’re much more clever than that ;)

What’s next?

Now, I embark into a brave new world of creative confidence.

The concept of Coffee Meets Banana isn’t just about poop. It is about turning your routines into outcomes, and your ideas into actions.

This blog will chronicle my journey of turning anxiety into art, in all of its various forms. From improv to photography, from writing to illustration, I will explore and document the creative life and how to walk the line with confidence.

It is time for me to shit, or get off the pot.