Talk Dirty to Me on Cinco de Mayo


The only word I have to sum up tonight.

Sweet because of the people. Sweet because of the discussions. But, sweet most of all, thanks to the Wonka-sized bag of candy, graciously donated to the BYOSnacks pile by our newest member Caitlin. Tonight, gummy-lifesavers will invade my dreams.

Once we settled into our sugar-high, though. The discussions began, and man were they good. Here is a little re-cap for those of you who had better things to do. It’s ok, we understand. Just miss you is all.

Big thanks to those who came out:  (Omar, Caitlin, Eddie, Victoria, Martin, Susie)

There’s a shared doc?

  • With all the new members and all the good times, we sometimes forget to add new articles to the shared spreadsheet. So we ask you all, is there a better way for us to save and share articles, videos and interesting tid-bits we come across each week?

  • Eddie, one of our newest members, recommends Kippit - and I believe him, because he has already schooled me on apps and the start-up game, introducing me to BETALIST.

    • Now my question - Who is willing to try this out with us for the next meetup?

    • We have two weeks to give it a nice test-run. Let’s see what’s better.

      • Google Docs vs. Kiippit

Talk Dirty to Me

  • Building off our millennial conversations from the previous Launchpad, we read an amazing letter from Mike Rowe to a young fan who is trying to find his, “Dream Job”

  • Mikes advice? GET A JOB!

    • But he says it in a much nicer, funnier and beneficial way...

  • “These are my thoughts. You may choose to ignore them and I wouldn’t blame you – especially after being compared to a 42 year old woman who can’t find love. But since you asked…”  - Mike Rowe

Hacking Tinder

  • If you don’t know what Tinder is...I am sorry, and you’re welcome.

  • But, now that you know - here is how to game it. Enjoy!

    • Just shows how marketing can work wonders in your life - love life - life?

Habit, Habit and Repeat, Habit, Habit and Repeat, Habit, Habit…

  • Victoria shared a video from her coursera course: “On Strategy: What Managers Can Learn from Great Philosophers.

  • We learned that habit formation involves not only involves the external “what” is changing, but also the internal, “why” are we changing it. Without perception change, new ideas are just that - ideas. This applies to life and to business.

  • You should make it a habit to come to every Launchpad night.

    • Why? BECAUSE! THAT’S WHY?  ...not very convincing, right?

Dig Up That Which Is Buried

  • Did you know that Ben & Jerry’s has a flavor graveyard?

  • What are some of the ideas you’ve tried, failed and written off as “never do that again”?

    • Maybe you should pick some of them back up, try them a new way and see if things have changed. Environment, perspective, timing, taste?

And finally, apparently Mariano’s doesn’t hold a candle to this place.

We also got into a lot of deep discussions about where we are at in our careers, our “managing managers” approaches, our struggles, successes, upcoming blog posts, promotion and interview do’s and don’ts and general awesomeness.

It was all pretty insightful...maybe we’ll see you at the next one. Plus, we have like SO MUCH CANDY!