Root of All Evil

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Last night, the Launchpads regrouped at the Idea Loft once again to discuss new ideas, share stories and reflect on life. Big thanks to those who came out: Elina, Travis, Brennan, Martin, and Omar

Here is an overview for those who missed it: (Ask yourself, why did you miss it?)


  • Kicking off with a video by: Ramit Sethi on the 3 money mindsets essential for success.

  • (Video is password protected and can’t be shared, so I’ll just sum it up here)

    • 1. People pay me for the “value” I create

    • 2. The More I Make, The More Value I Can Create

    • 3. Money is the marker that you are doing the right thing.

  • This was an intro video in the course “Zero to Launch” that Martin is currently taking, but Ramit gives away 98% of his teachings for free at his site:


  • A month or so back, some developers forwarded on a manifesto to “change the present state” of the advertising industry.

    • This was a re-creation of a manifesto that went out in the 1960’s and again in the 90’s. But the question we had last night was; “and then what?”

    • What happens after you sign the manifest?

    • What is the call to action?

    • Is this actually bringing about a mindset change or just a place for people to complain?

  • Bringing this back to life and to marketing. How often do we “wish” for things to change, but do nothing about it. Take action, don’t just sign your name.

Lies & Two-Faced Presentations

  • In both marketing & life, we sometimes hyperbolize ourselves or our products to get the point across and differentiate.

    • ex: Naked Juice - not great for you, but still better than other juices - so are they lying, or just hyperbolizing in order to give you a better choice?

      • Where do you draw the line?

    • When networking - what is the line between the aspirational description of yourself and the one you have to deal with inside your head, with all the self-doubt and second guessing?

  • Why are you not succeeding?

Hot Cheetos and Takis

  • We were eating hot cheetos, so of course this song came up.

    • Do you like this song? Y/N

    • What if you found out they were being paid by Cheeto’s - would it change your opinion?

    • Or, if they were not paid by cheetos, is it ok that they used a name brand without permission to promote their rap group?

  • ...go easy on them man - they’re kids!


  • Why do you personally like, or dislike, marketing?

  • What is the sub-culture, or "world" you are building around yourself in your life?

  • What is the "world" being built around you? (Netflix, family influence, work, other)


No selfie this week - I know, I’m sad too. But we did enjoy the evening and I look forward to seeing you all at the next Launchpad Meetups: Here are some things to look forward to:


  • Friday 4/11/2014

    • Space Time Tanks

    • We have group together, but please let me know if you are interested in joining on Friday as we can get a group discount.

  • Tuesday 4/15/2014

    • Chicago AMA's Connex at Rock Bottom Brewery


  • Monday 4/21/2014

    • Launchpad Meetup

    • 6:30pm @ the Idea Loft - 445 W Erie St. Chicago, IL