HashtagHashtag #LazyLaunchpad

LAUNCHERS! (or launchpadders, or Launchees, or...I haven't figured this one out yet)

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a hashtag speaks just one...unless you dislike punctuation and spacebars.


But tonight, we had just the right characters. A brand new cast showed up, including Paula, Kristen, Sarah, Martin, Riley and Saba - Thanks for coming out and joining via Google Hangout!

Tonight, we learned quite a few things, all of which were interesting and some of which were useful. Here is a re-cap, by popular demand, for all of you who chose warm weather over Skittles and chewy discussions.


  • Revisiting the idea of mentorship with new eyes, we talked about the recent launch of the Up & Comers Mentorship Program.

  • Touching on ideas of peer-mentorship, friend-torship, and organized mentorship, we asked the question:

  • Would you pay for a mentor?

    • While everyone had different ideas on comprises a mentorship relationship, we all agreed that once it becomes a paid relationship with specific goals, it becomes more of a coaching, or advising relationship, vs. mentoring. What do you think & would you pay?


  • #Lazy = Are you lazy if you use hashtags and likes to express your support or distaste for a specific issue?

    • #StopLazyInternetActivism showcases someone who disagreed with the trending hashtag mentioned above, and regardless of the political fuel behind this statement, do you agree with the sentiment?

    • While this discussion arose out of the politically divided discussions, we brought it back to our day-to-day lives to discuss what the purpose of hashtags are in our life and those who use them correctly and incorrectly.

      • Hashtags are just a #LazyTagline - for marketers: "This ad is for millennials...see, we put a hashtag on it!" (see REI)

      • Hashtags are a way to aggregate content for news networks so they can do their #LazyJournalism

      • Hashtags are a way for us to catch up on what we missed during an event we were at. Like all those things that the speaker said while we were busy tweeting a hashtag about the last thing the speaker said.#didyoucatchthat

      • Hashtags are a way to build communities "What is #JJ?"

    • Personally, I like #JJ and what he is building, but that is also because I love instagram, which I care for much more than my dusty twitter - #lazysocialmediauser.

Who is Making a Difference?

  • Hashtags to build awareness are nice, but like any good marketing campaign, without a decent CTA (call to action), they are bupkis!

  • Upworthy, has come under criticism for promoting social good, but not actually accomplishing anything - do you agree?

  • There are sites out there looking to change that though

    • Up to Good's #unselfieyourself is not yet launched, but we shall see if they follow-through on what they promise.

    • Cent-up is creating a 'like' button that works, putting cash in the hands of charities and content creators and publishers.

    • Then, there is Patreon, who is putting a tip-jar on the pages of your favorite content creators.

    • And the classic, Louis CK response to online ticket-sale scalpers. Giving up his profits and needing to work more shows, in order to make sure his fans get a fair price.  

  • What this really comes down to is cutting out the middle man! (which I love)

Final Thoughts

  • Ramit teaches us how not to be assholes

  • Riley suggests a possible event that we can work-toward. (think start-up weekend for non-technical marketers. More to come on this, but if you're interested in getting involved, let me know and we can get the conversation going)

  • If you want to learn more about my recent Iceland trip, we should get coffee. BUT, if you don't give a hoot about my lame life, and would prefer to just live the awesome one that you have to deal with every day, (aka your own) - you should check out Thursday's free Meetup of Under30Experiences and see what trips they have coming up - or just reach out to Liz@under30experiences.com

  • Or, if you want to travel inside yourself, there are a few spots left for the next Personal Branding Discover Your Inner Awesome this Thursday!


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