MOVEMBER PRE-GAME (October 2014)


You know what month it is. It is October!!! A month for costumes, candy, odd door-bell-ringing-interactions, and...the MOVEMBER PRE-GAME!

Yes, you heard right. The Movember Pre-Game. The time of year where we practice-stash. The time in which we allow our beards to grow just long enough to see what pattern will emerge for the glory days of Tukey-Gobbling-Moustache-Growing-November.

With 11 more days to test-and-modify, you can try out styles and options in the privacy of your own home, or share them with everyone at work...your choice!

Then, come November 1st, we will launch into full-blown-grow-mode for the Movember 2014 campaign. Raising money and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. It is an amazing cause. One you should join. And one that will grow with you as you support it...literally.

Growing a stash and raising some cash could gain you access to the end-of-month Movember Party in Chicago, as well as the Stashy-happy-hour we will be hosting in Chicago.

So, as we Pre-Game-Stash, I offer some MOVEMBER options for the Mo-Bros & Mo-Sista's at out there.

  1. Grow a stash in November and encourage people to support your hard work by donating to the cause. 
  2. Opt-out of growing a stash for $10. (Or however much is the social benefit of not having a mustache is worth to you?)
  3. Support a stash! For those whose faces are not furry enough to participate. Sponsor someone's stash. (Or auction off your stash). Maybe someone will pay the big-bucks just to get to choose your style...)

For me, I will grow any style stash that you folks choose!!! ...and that my Irish-German heritage will allow.

So please, choose wisely, join the team, and donate if you can. We've already received a generous $100 donation, putting us way ahead of our starting point from last year at this time, and I am excited to see what we can do for Men's Heath this year!!!

Join in. Stash-out. Sign-up. Donate.